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Faultline Park Project Tour


Join us for a project tour of the new Faultline Park in East Village, led by the park’s lead designer Brad Lents, Associate Principal of Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects. This is a park that owes its existence to an earthquake fault line. Through visionary deal making, a transfer of development rights on what is unbuildable land created the financing for this 1.5 acre park in San Diego’s East Village neighborhood. Jointly designed with the adjacent high rise residential project, the park and private landscape become a seamless environment offering a variety of recreation opportunities for all ages. The design expresses the site geology by tracing the fault line with the park’s main pathway and offsetting geometries to suggest the shifting of the earth. The artist team, Living Lenses, fascinated by the fault line location, developed a site conditioned work in both sculptural form and technical wizardry to reveal the subtle movements of the ground below.

Please note that lunch is not included in the ticket price. We will meet on site at the adjacent coffeehouse, Halcyon (1429 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101) which has a great lunch menu and walk into the park, not yet open to the public, for a guided tour. Arrive early, no later than 11:30 am, to eat and share your lunch hour networking with other attendees, or arrive at 12:15 to begin the one hour tour with the group. At the client’s request, we must limit the tour to no more than 15 attendees, so please sign up before spots are full. The park will open to the public in late summer, but this may be your only chance to hear how the site design was developed and the history of the project, which first began the design process in 2005!


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