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Project Cost Controller/Administration


Project Cost Controller/Administration– Job Description

Basic Function: The project cost controller position is accountable for monitoring the progress of projects, investigating variances, reviewing and coding expenses, and ensuring that project billings are issued to client and payments collected.  This position will support our Project Managers and Accounting Department.  They will serve as the direct link between the two departments to assist in the development and daily maintenance of operational tracking and accounting and administrative processes.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Provide financial and administrative support to project managers
  2. Assist with inputting job budgets and forecasts as well as run reports, update, and maintain project data
  3. Work closely with various Project Managers to ensure all necessary contracts, change orders and budget revisions related to ongoing projects are entered into project cost system
  4. Act as primary contact for all project costing and administrative support
  5. Ensure compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices as well as company policies and procedures
  6. Monitor and report monthly on project financials directly to project management
  7. Report to the Project Manager and or controller on the cost control of the General Conditions as well as overall project costs as they relate to budgeted amounts and their impact on project profitability.
  8. Ensure that every subcontractor is in compliance with the terms and conditions of his/her contract documents.
  9. Maintain project-related records, including contracts and change orders within current AIA system
  10. Reviewing and coding expenses related to specific projects
  11. Transfer of expenses into and out of project-related accounts
  12. Review and approve vendor/consultant invoices related to a project and ensure that PM approval is completed in a timely manner for monthly billings.
  13. Investigate project variances and submit variance to controller
  14. Review/collect accounts receivable related to particular projects and follow up on Aged AR past 30 days.
  15. Create or approve all project-related billings to clients in a timely manner to ensure proper cash flow
  16. Investigate all project expenses
  17. Close out project upon project completion by ensuring all final billings are received and entered.
  18. Interface with Controller on billing issues
  19. Review project billing forecast with PM’s regularly and provide any noteworthy updates to Controller.
  20. Assist and follow up as needed in outstanding submittals and RFI’s via email and telephone calls
  21. Assist with general front desk duties (as scheduled)

Must have Deltek experience in invoicing, budgeting, project planning, accounts payable.

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