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Adapting to Your Team’s Personalities


Come learn how to empower your firm administrator, HR, and support staff for the next Level Team-Wide Collaboration.

Power, ego, authority, and diverse personality types mix differently inside each organization to create unity or divide. When it’s divide, the lines get drawn between vertical tiers of the organization, and also between professional and technical staff.

While your professional teams are focusing on your clients, your administrative and support teams are working in and on your business, which positions them to play an integral role in unifying your team – if you can help them adapt to the different personality types and mix those human ingredients like a high-end chef.

AEC communication coach and former filmmaker–Dean Lincoln Hyers—applies the power of storytelling (aka message design and delivery) to the art of identifying and adapting to the four basic personality types known as Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical, so that your admin and support teams can elevate your business.

8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (Breakfast is included)

Cavignac & Associates, Inc.
450 B Street, San Diego, CA  92101



Dean Lincoln Hyers      Speaker/Trainer/Coach/High Stakes Interview Specialist   

Dean comes to this work with a fascination for people, and a profound gift of getting quickly to the core. He comes from a background in performance, having founded an interactive media advertising company, directed a feature film for Warner Brothers’ Home Entertainment, and taught acting to US covert agents.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Fine Arts, and over time, has evolved those skills and knowledge to help individuals gain confidence and persuasion. Dean prides himself on being a transparent, compelling storyteller, and claims that he is most happy in inclement weather. He spent his life guiding people to find their presence under pressure, in venues that demand a clear proposition of value. Don’t be surprised if he shows up in a cowboy hat and a Jeep with the doors off, ready for an adventure.

*meal provided

*use discount code “remote” at checkout to attend via web


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