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How to Maintain + Manage your Project’s Profitability


In the world of the A+E Industry, it is a game of hurry up and wait.  During this seminar we will give you examples of how to maintain your project’s profitability while also maintaining the relationship with your client, consultants and company management.  We will review the following topics from the perspective of the project manager and the accountant:

  • How project budgets succeed and how to restore the ones that don’t. There are several variables that effect the success of a project in our industry, it is important to understand how project types and firm structure influence a budget.
  • Balancing between customer service, business profit, and the organizations goals is what makes or profession challenging.
  • How to incentivize Architects to get more involved with budgets and staffing.
  • Tools you can use to create the fee you need/want and monitor your project spending

11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (Lunch is included)
Cavignac & Associates, Inc.
450 B Street, San Diego, CA  92101

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Duane Hagewood, 

Senior Project Manager                                                          

Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

Over the course of his 20-year career, Duane has been involved in all aspects of building and redeveloping cities. He has served as both project manager and project architect for major architectural and planning projects in San Diego County and beyond. Inspired by the concept of creating design solutions that empower cities and celebrate their identities, Duane’s project leadership style is characterized by a thoughtful, proactive approach that balances competing factors in complex projects. His leadership of project teams has included design, planning, scheduling, and consultant coordination on a vast number of urban design, commercial, multi-family residential, student and affordable housing and mixed use developments. Duane has a special affinity for mixed-use and residential projects and is exceptionally skilled at obtaining project entitlements.

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